Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Making Christmas Even More Magical

The kids are becoming ever-increasingly observant which makes it even harder to keep little secrets a mystery. Here at Little Kickers we’ve put together a few ideas to help you keep the magic of Christmas alive in your household.

Of course, we're not ruling out old traditions, by all means keep the mince pies and brandy but we’ve got a few fresh ideas ready for you to peruse!

Wrap up the door
Not especially Santa-related, but a great way to get your children excited on Christmas morning. Simply cover the entrance of your living room with wrapping paper before you go to bed on Christmas Eve. Your little ones can then burst through it the next morning into a room which filled with Christmas lights and presents - what could be a better start to the day?

Secret key for Father Christmas
"How does Father Christmas fit through the letterbox? We haven’t got a chimney..." Sound familiar? As your children get older, their questions get harder to answer. Put together a fake, ahem, 'real' key for Santa and leave it outside for him. Now that he’s older and rounder he prefers to use the front door anyway! If you haven’t got a key spare, get the kids involved and get them to make a magic key and decorate it themselves.

Reindeer dust - get sprinkling!
Reindeer need their magic dust to get themselves air bound. Believe it or not, reindeer are pretty useless on the aviation front, but give them a whiff of that dust and they're up there like a rocket. We're sorry in advance as it can take a while to wash away, but it’s worth it! All you need to do is mix some edible glitter with some oats and scatter it outside (please ensure it's edible glitter as we don't want to harm any nosey animals!)

Santas Footprints
OK hands up, we did this one last year, but it’s a winner with the kids so we have to mention it again. All you need to do is get a boot or a welly, place it in the hallway and sprinkle flour or talcum powder around it, leaving the perfect outline of Santas boots! Just make sure you clean your shoes after, we don't want your mini detectives getting suspicious.

Portable North Pole
Now this is a great website where you can create personalised videos for your children sent directly from Santa. Enter your details and Santa will send your little ones a message just for them! There’s also an app to download. With the app you can create, watch and send videos, play games and receive calls from Santa, all on your mobile phone! Technology eh?

Father Christmas has left something behind!
Try leaving a glove or a naughty list around. If your children think they have something that belongs to the man himself they’ll be super excited! You can follow it up with a letter addressed to your children asking them to keep the item safe until next year. They’ll know he’s definitely coming back next year too!

Mince Pies
They're just for us. Cheers!

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