Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Summer Life Hacks

The School term is over and the long awaited summer holidays are finally here. Those action packed first few days are filled with sounds of enjoyment echoing from every corner of the street...

Quickly though, the charm of summer wears off and we are all left trying to figure out how to stay cool, calm and bug free. At this time, it's important to be well-versed in some superb summer hacks that will keep you sitting pretty whilst your children look at you fondly for inspiration because boredom has kicked in earlier than anticipated. 

Panic not, we've donned our superhero outfit and come to your rescue. It's worth noting at this point that we chose not to put our underpants on the outside of our costume, we've never really understood why they do it either. Anyway, with our pants firmly in place in the normal position, come and take a tour of our summer life hacks. We've got games and great ideas below. Come and take a browse... 

1. Ask our Twitter feed (@LittleKickers) for a Little Kickers football challenge. Our team are great at coming up with interesting challenges that will keep your children entertained for hours. You can always help them record the challenge and send it into us, we always love seeing your videos. 

2. For those days you feel like treating the kids (or yourself), simply cut down on the packaging and cut through the ice cream. Remove the packaging and there you have a perfect slice of ice cream! 

3. This simple Summer hack will save you from those 'watermelony' sticky fingers. 

4. This is a great idea. If you're off to the beach take a fitted bed sheet with you to stop the sand getting on your belongings or picnic! 

5. Use old dispensers to fill up water balloons. It saves your bathroom getting completely soaked by kids running in and out trying to fill up! 

7. Going on a journey? Fill up some water-balloons and place them in the freezer. They stay colder for much longer and at the end of the day you can have a big water fight! (make sure they are completely defrosted before throwing... ouch!)

8. Save all of your empty bottles to create your very own bowling alley. You could use a tennis ball or practice your Little Kickers skills at home by using a football. 

9. If you're anything like us, you'll have a drawer designated to odd socks that are longing for their other half. Put some value back in their little lives by creating your very own bean bags! Fill with dried beans or rice and tie a knot at the top, then ask your Little Kickers to design some paper targets with different points totals written on them. Then try and throw your bean bags onto the targets - your very own sock slinging championship. 

10. Want an excuse to bin the ugly ties in the wardrobe? Create your very own noughts and crosses game by creating the lines with ties. Get the children to create four paper designs for either noughts or crosses. 

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