Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Santa: Keep The Magic Alive (PARENTS ONLY!)

Shhh! Check behind you just to make sure the little ones haven't got an eye on the screen. Are we all clear? Then let us begin...

We know all too well that our little superstars are becoming increasingly savvy about catching Santa out. Here we have compiled the best ideas from the web and brought them to your very screen! 

Keep the spirit of Santa alive and well by trying out some of these great ideas. 

Are you ready?

1. Santa Spy Cam!

I have to say, I have had a lot of fun in the office with this one! It's an app where your home comes alive with elves and Santa delivering presents right in front of your very...screen! It's really well designed and will spark excitement in your children as they see Elves wander around your house. There are in-app purchases but there is a free version in there too!

2. Clumsy Santa

So the big man can't be flawless, surely? If Christmas Day turns out to be blessed with good weather, perhaps Santa may have accidentally dropped a present from his sleigh when flying over? He's getting on a bit, he's allowed a couple of blunders, eh?! Simply sprinkle a little glitter on one of the gifts because his sleigh is powered by magic! Leave it in a place outside to give the illusion it's fallen from the sky. 

3. Santa Treats

So there are over 1.9 billion children that Santa has to get around (maybe a couple less if there have been a few naughty kids on your street!) Surely he can't eat everything that is left out for him? Perhaps Rudolph may only take a bite of the carrot and Santa a slurp of his drink! Remember, Santa is not going to want to promote drink driving. So leave out a few half eaten treats to give the illusion that Santa has been, but of course, don't forget to polish them off later! 

4. Dust Down Your Santa Outfit

If you want to go one better than the app, perhaps dust down your Santa outfit from the wardrobe! Make your very own little CCTV video for the kids in the morning that shows Santa putting the presents under the tree.

5. Santa Doesn't Wipe His Feet 

He's come straight from the North Pole so he's bound to have a bit of snow on his shoes. Ok, so it may have melted but let's not ruin the fun. Simply step in a light dusting of flour/talcum powder and make footprints showing Santa's steps! 

6. Christmas Wrapping

 Kids are not silly and will go to amazing lengths to catch Santa out. Make sure you use different wrapping paper from your own personal gifts, before your miniature Sherock Holmes smells a rat!

7. Buy A Spare Toy

Highlight the importance of sharing. Santa may have accidentally dropped a present that was meant for another child, maybe you could then get your child to give it to a another that would be deserving of a present? Or together, take it to a charitable organisation? Spread a little Christmas joy.

8. Where Is He? 

Did you know you can track Santa as he visits the different time zones across the world? Make sure they're asleep before he comes to your house! or use the Google Maps tracker. 

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