Thursday, 3 December 2015

Christmas Day: The Post 3pm Games

Well first of all, you're welcome! Read this and your Christmas Day will be all the better for it. We've all been there, the excitement of the big day finally comes round, presents are exchanged and the smell of cooking fills the air. Then, come three o'clock, you've undone the last button on your trousers in a bid to allow your stomach to bulge out. And then, well, very little? Am I close? Thought so. Well panic not team, allow us to cure the bore as we list some fun games for all the family to play and enjoy.

Here we go...

1. The Treasure Hunt

This is a game that needs a fair bit of preparation, but it's a great time filler when working off those mince pies in the afternoon.

Using gift tags create a Christmas themed treasure hunt that leads the children (and the older ones) around the house. If it's a nice day, it's the perfect opportunity to lure them outside for a bit of fresh air! Write a clue on each gift tag that hints at where the next clue may be. The final clue leads to a final present that is to be shared with the hunters, we'd suggest a board game that everyone can play!

2. Human Buckaroo

Now, we didn't say all our suggestions would be completely sensible.

Picture the scene; there is a Christmas film on TV and someone sits down with all the intentions of watching it, but barely into the title sequence they are snoring away in the corner. Now, we can't be having people fall asleep on the most exciting day of the year can we?

Enter the 'Human Buckaroo'! A modern take on the classic game played by thousands of children across the globe.

Similarly to the old fashioned game, Buckaroo, you find objects around the house and CAREFULLY place them on the 'sleeper'. Take turns in placing objects on their person but be sure not to wake them up! The person who eventually does wake them up, loses. If the objects don't wake them up, the laughs will!

3. The Family Quiz

Each member writes five questions which they place in a hat (It's probably the one time of year where hats are aplenty but a bowl will suffice!)

Your competitiveness will probably dictate the difficulty of the questions you ask, but you shouldn't expect the children to know what the name of the Buzz Aldrins' (the second man on the moon) mother's last name was? I bet you're wondering the answer, right? Moon.

No seriously, it was Moon, Marion Moon!

Remember to record the scores and no cheating!

4. 'Write A Name On A Piece Of Card And Put It On Someones Forehead' Guessing Game.

Ok, so we are still working on the title, it's not quite as catchy as we'd hoped. Surely we don't need to explain that one? Really? Wow, OK.

Each player writes a name on a piece of card and hands it to the person next to them. We'd suggest you only use famous people unless it's agreed beforehand. They then place it on their forehead with the name facing outwards. At that point, each player has to ask questions that can be answered with only Yes/No answers in a bid to guess correctly who the person is.

Take it in turns in guessing who the person is and the first person to guess who, is the winner!

5. The After Eight Face Slide

It's a bit of a classic, but if you are not aware of this one - give it a go!

You start by placing an After Eight on your forehead, lean back slightly so that it can rest without slipping down. Using only your facial expressions, twist, turn and gurn so that you slowly move the item down your face.

Start by wiggling your eyebrows, then you'll have to scrunch your nose, and as it starts to slowly move down your face you have to try and get it into your mouth. No hands!

Harder than it looks and even funnier than it sounds. I'd also recommend recording the movements using a slo-mo camera on your phone if you have one!

We want to see the videos on our Facebook page!

So there you have it, hopefully we've given you a few ideas for you to be trying out on the big day. We hope you have fun with it, do let us know if you decide to take part in any. Although we will not be held responsible for any damages to anything... or anyone!

Have fun,
Your Little Kickers Team

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