Monday, 19 January 2015


By Daniel Brownlie

I am a human. Although my particular genetic make-up some would doubt my first utterance, but I fear I just about qualify. I fully expect you, the reader, to be a human as well. Forgive me for assuming, however unless the monkey and the typewriter theory also applies to pre-written language, I think it's a pretty safe assumption. 

I always feel it's important to relate to your reader, to gain a connection, an understanding. As we already have an established link, that we are both human, we can continue with my miserable meandering witterings. I warn you in advance, there are no facts within this 'blog', in fact around 87% of all my stats will be made up. 

As a human, we have a lot in common, apparently. We will all have fears, highs and lows, and especially for the British amongst you lovely lot, when asked the question is the cup half full or half empty? You would rather know what is in the cup before responding. Above all else, we are driven by two main instincts: desire and the need to avoid loss. Take any moment in your life that bares any importance, I would guarantee that it could be catagorised within one of the two. Both elements are so deeply engrained within our tired little minds, that areas outside of those realms seem a little pointless. We all want, we all desire. It's the burning ambition to be better, discover and progress. Although, away from the dramatic cinematic approach, it could be that you just fancy a donut. Either way, desire will always prevalent in whatever circles we move in. 

The need to avoid loss can sometimes be more important than winning. Unless by avoiding losing, you are in fact winning. Relationships as an example. When you have something you desire, you can love it that much that your fear of losing it can be a more common feeling. 

Now if you are expecting a clever, inception styled twist during these next few words, you are very much mistaken. The reason for this blog is the second element of my very basic human instinct. A colleague and friend has challenged us to take part in the 'Your Turn' challenge. A challenge that I accepted, not through desire, but because I refuse to lose. As Sir Alex Ferguson once said, 

'I never lose, I simply occasionally run out of time'

So the challenge awaits. 7 days of blogging commences today. Truth be told, I genuinely enjoy writing. I find it quite cathartic, which apparently is a similar feeling that many well known serial killers experience...

I am hoping that this blog does not start me off on a killing spree. 

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