Thursday, 29 January 2015


If you have anybody under waist height, and by that, I of course mean a child! Then you would have undoubtably had the lyrics of Frozen blasted out at full volume at some stage over the winter period. I only know that too well myself, sadly, my sister is 30 years old. 

However, I bet you don't know the original lyrics, do you? Oh yes. 'Let it go?' No, thank you very much. Learn the true words to this masterpiece…

The balls are red and white on our ship tonight, 
Not a pirate to be seen.
A kingdom of fun and football, 
The best place I've ever been.
The wind is howling out there, 
Thankfully we're inside.
My team all around me, 
My coaches by my side.
Come on join in, come in and see.
We have fun and it's pressure free
Relax, enjoy, we'll let you know!
Well, now you know!

Score a goal, score a goal!
Celebrate and score some more.
Score a goal, Score a goal!
Their learning is at our core.
We have fun, that's what people say 
Let it all begin.
The coaches are ready anyway!

All together now...

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