Monday, 23 September 2013

The method in our madness


We told you not to read this!  You never listen do you?  Isn’t it lucky that your children haven’t picked up that trait!

A frequent comment we receive before new starters attend our classes, is

‘we apologize in advance if our little-one doesn’t listen’ or ‘we are just worried as he/she is not very attentive just yet’.

An even more frequent comment whilst leaving our classes is

‘how on earth did you get so many children listening at once?’ or ‘are you from Hogwarts?’

Now both of these latter questions can be answered quite simply.  To answer the first…

We would love to tell you one simple tip that we use, however it’s unfortunately not that simple.  It is a series of intricate detailing that has been developed over a long period through tried and tested means. Usually during a sport related session the equipment becomes the focal point, the football, the rugby ball, the shuttlecock.  Once that focus has been exhausted, the children lose interest and their levels of engagement will slowly disappear because the focus is constant on the same mundane object.

Now, we are not trying to reinvent the wheel, but we have put some shiny multicolored alloys on it, that can be swapped quicker than the wheels on an F1 car, to keep things fresh and exciting!  One of our many techniques, without wanting to give away the entire ingredients to our secret recipe, is that the ball becomes the window into their imagination.  The ball becomes a bounty full of exciting and creative ideas. The ball could be a cannonball fired from a rival ship, it could equally be a dinosaur egg that the children have to carefully place into its nest without waking the T-Rex.

The main difference between young kids and adults is that children will accept and listen. As we get older our imaginations are hauled out of us.  As children, we are encouraged to use our creative minds, but as we grow older we are continually told to ‘grow up’ or become more ‘mature’.  We harvest the enthusiasm and creativity that our Little Kickers’ naturally possess, and use it to create fun and exciting sessions.  A good friend of ours once said ‘as a child you are eagerly taught to walk and talk, then once you’ve achieved that you are told to shut up and sit down!’  Slightly exaggerated I am sure, but ultimately the point is there. 

The training that we complete with coaches equips our team with the tools to tackle many different scenarios, personalities and temperaments.  We love coming up with fun ways to encourage children to be confident in themselves, and teaching them how to build relationships with others.

In response to the second question, are we from Hogwarts?  I am afraid we are not allowed to disclose that information, direct orders from Dumbledore. 

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