Friday, 7 December 2012

Good things come to those who...

They say you should never write a letter when youre angry, nor a blog when you are, for want of better phrasing, gushy!  Unfortunately I am breaking the latter rule, so strap yourself in to a heart felt blog that exposes my more sensitive nice side, which I try and keep hidden from this Oh so manly exterior! (I realise that joke only transcends if you have met me!) 

Firstly,  I must apologise for the appalling grammar and spelling you are about to be subjected too. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that a person who this post concerns usually does my spell checking and I am frankly too embarrassed to show it before it is published.  The second is my Stacey, another lady who I run these blogs past before public opinion casts its weary eye over my words! Not only does this blog contain words concerning Stacey, but at the time of writing it is currently 3am in the UK and I am not sure it would go down too well. 

I am currently on the bus. It's 8.45pm Canadian time and I am on my way back from Niagra Falls. I feel Niagra is somewhat to blame for my slightly philosophical mood. So, as a famous song within the cartoon 'South Park' alludes to 'blame Canada!'

I am sitting on an empty bus the child in me still ran to the back seats. At the age of 25 I still retain the idea that this is where the cool kids sit. So as I sit smugly looking out of the window with my Walkman plugged in (kids reading this, it's an iPod but I have to cater for these old guys, bare with me) I thought I would write this.

I was very kindly invited to Toronto, Canada by the owner of Little Kickers to work on a very exciting project. Very few people who come over here make it back and I can see why, it is a beautiful city.  I have had the pleasure of working alongside some great people this week, I am in a very lucky position in my world of work in that I am surrounded by a group of hardworking individuals that are so passionate about everything Little Kickers and, in some ways, more importantly just want to enjoy life in the process.  This was never more apparent than last night when, luckily for me, I had managed to time my visit with the Canadian Christmas get-together. A chance for Coaches and your local franchisees to meet over a glass of lemonade and a mixture of salads.

It was needless to say an amazing evening. It confirmed everything that I had previously thought about our company. It is no fluke that everyone I meet within the company is a person who I now consider a friend. What's more,  we are by no means carbon copies of each other, opposites in some cases, but there is always a common ground and passion for what we do. A shared enthusiasm and a way of approaching 'work' as we would want toin life.

Fasten your seat-belts, I warned you this could get gushy...

You may not realise it, but the class you attend all began because of our owners frustration at the lack of provision for the pre school age group, along with the increasingly worrying generation of 'computer kids' whose reality was sometimes confused with a screen. Not only has Christine provided your children with, and I say this with great confidence, brilliant classes but also offering employment to our amazing coaches giving them an opportunity to do what they love... as a job!  Furthermore, it has given franchisees a platform to join our way of life, our style of work and with that they bring an enthusiasm that allows us to role out these classes to your area. 

Meeting everyone at the 'do' last night restored my faith in humanity. Admittedly not something I had considered an issue, and as dramatic as it sounds it gave me a rejuvenated enthusiasm why I continue to love my 'job'.  A network of great franchisees, a network of great coaches and a network of great people. 

This was fully confirmed when I was invited by husband and wife franchise owners Bry & Steffani to travel down with then to Niagra Falls. Now I am not planning on getting run over by a bus anytime soon, but it was an amazing chance to cross that off my bucket list. I must add that I have never met or spoken to Steffi or her husband before this trip, yet they invited me to share a 2 hour journey with them so that they could drop me at Niagara Falls. Now, I have a slightly odd mind in that I find it hard to appreciate something if I have nobody to share it with. Stacey knows this only too well. As much as I love seeing and experiencing new things, if I can't voice it and share it with somebody in its live arena, it doesn't feel real it might as well be a dream. Luckily for me, I have Stacey who appreciates and loves the same things I do and luckily for me she makes experiences that little bit better. This may may seem odd, I am sure I will find out when this blog goes live! 

Here's where my trouble lies. Stacey wasn't able to come with me on this trip. And there was no-one around for me to drag them down to be my sidekick. I of course still had to go, it's Niagra Falls! Then, an unforced moment of pure loveliness as Steffi turned round and said I'd love to take you around and show you the falls. Amazing. A lady that only ten hours previous was a complete stranger offered not only herself as a knowledgable guide, but an immediate friend who I could share such, in my eyes, an incredible thing. 

The basis of this blog, was to thank everyone for such a lovely trip. The Stanschus family for welcoming me into their home,  although the dog Bruce was less than impressed - unless growling is dog Candadian for 'I really like you'  the coaches and franchisees I met to Steffi and Bry for your overwhelming generosity not only the ride down to Niagara but your valuable time.  And to the Canadians, you really are a bloomin marvellous bunch, visa is in the post if I can drag Stace with me!

I fear I must leave you with a confession. A few paragraphs above I mentioned about my restoration in the faith of people. The public as a whole. Well, at the moment of writing - I am currently standing watching a man who is making an abstract mural on the wall in front of me. I am quite open minded when it comes to art, however his art seems to base itself on the use of his own urine. 

I suppose it ties this blog together quite nicely, as I realise having moved from my warm bus now standing on a train platform, that I have droned on for quite sometime, and my fingers are beginning to develop frost bite. I suppose it lends itself nicely to the thought that if you surround yourself with good people, more often that not, good things will happen.

Little Kickers are good people.

Niagra Falls

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