Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Shooting for the moon!

I hate myself a little bit for jumping aboard the X Factor bandwagon: I do not mind the show itself but I do dislike everything that attaches itself to it!

I cannot think of any plausible reason or time where I would use Louis Walsh as an advisor, and his antics during the latest episode reinforce this. Let me give you a bit of background on Frankie Cocozza (apologies if you haven’t heard of his name before now). He is not the greatest singer in the world and when he applied for the X Factor and he got through based on personality and stage presence - similarly to Jedward and Wagner (previous contestants). His performance skills make up for his lack of singing ability, which is fair enough. Robbie Williams, for example, will be the first person to tell you that he is not a good singer; however he has created a career for himself due to his stage antics, his personality and a VERY good manager!

Back to the point – Frankie Corcozza performed on Saturday night, and let’s just wasn’t the greatest performance the stage has seen (any stage for that matter)! Put this to one side for the minute. Now, I am well aware that each judge is entitled to their opinion, as is everyone - that is their right. What I do not agree with is Louis Walsh stating,
‘you’ve never been a rock star, you will never be a rock star, you will never be good enough to be one either.’

Do you know what? He might be right. Frankie may never become a rock star, he may never be good enough, but nobody has the right to tell somebody else that! It’s fair enough to comment on the here and now, and maybe he could have even added a constructive element to his comments, but I feel very strongly that he should not tell a young guy that he will never become anything or achieve his goal in life.

I remember when I was in school – a lady called Mrs Sowersby (the name being a relative representation of her attitude to life) asking what I wanted to be when I left school – without a flinch I said a Footballer. Which, at the time of my utterance, was not a too distant dream -having been at Reading Academy for the previous 6 years. Without knowing my background, she flippantly replied – “now let’s be realistic, that is not going to happen, so let’s have a think what you could actually be.” Sadly, my reaction earned me a detention that day (the first time ever!). However, I stick by my rant! Nobody has the right to shatter someone else’s dreams. If nobody chased a dream, then as a society we would never move forward. I understand that you should be forward thinking and, of course, be careful that you do not limit your skills so dramatically that your employability is hampered, but we should instill the desire (in children especially) to try and achieve their dreams and to make a success of themselves, whatever meandering path that assumes.

Luckily, I remember telling my Mum ‘I am going to be a Footballer when I am older’ and she replied ‘Do you want me to have a word with Sir Alex?’ I must add here that my mum still believes she is on first name terms with ‘Fergie’ after he apparently waved at her during the 1999 Treble trophy tour. Her reaction was perfect, although I realised it was tongue in cheek. She didn’t quash my dream, in fairness she still claims to have Fergie and Eric (Cantona) on speed dial anytime I tell her I scored at the weekend.

Our Little Kickers obviously are not sure what they will be when they are older. However, if one of them comes to me and says that they want to be the Queen, then I will turn around and state that I will give Buckingham Palace a call to see what I can do.
As cheesy as this statement is, shoot for the moon and at least if you miss you will still be amongst the stars.

Not that I want to give Louis Walsh's comments any air time - but, here you go if you missed it!


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