Monday, 27 June 2011

LK Interview

I had the pleasure of going to watch the Little Kickers over at Tower Bridge, London. This class has already produced some excellent Little Kickers, one off which, Jamie, has gone on to sign for Millwall FC. I managed to catch up with Milo Strang, who was taking part in his first ever Mega Kickers session. Milo was excellent throughout the session, and then capped it off with a fantastic goal in the match!

Meet Milo...

Name: Milo Strang

Age: 4

Little Kickers Venue: Tower Bridge, London

Favourite Game: The Cocunut Shy

Favourite Coach: All of them!

Why do you love Little Kickers: I like to play all the games, and do big kicks around the room!

Favourite Food: Bananas

What do you want to be when you are older? A Footballer for Pompey!

Thanks Milo! I think Portsmouth FC could do with your goal-scoring capabilities this season!
High Five!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

LKFC teaches KandH a lesson in Football Management!

I entered a Fantasy Football league this season against a group of accountants. Kirkpatrick and Hopes are a company in Theale, in the heart of Berkshire. A lovely, quiet and scenic area of England - however, home to some self proclaimed Fantasy Football gurus who were not so quiet about their chances of winning. So naturally on behalf of Little Kickers, I decided to show them how it was really done!

Well done to Poppy who came a not too distant second.

As I said from the very beginning, you carry on doing your job, and let us do ours! ;)

The first of many trophies for Little Kickers this year!


Thursday, 16 June 2011

LK Interview

If Little Kickers was a bug, then the Hobley family from Amersham have certainly been bitten by it. Having moved from London, Zara and Andrew Hobley found Little Kickers in the beautiful area of Amersham, Buckinghamshire. No less than four Hobley children have attended Little Kickers, with Charlie (7) Alethea (6) and the newest recruit Stella (2), it was however, a very smiley Zinnia Hobley that we managed to catch up with, who is the grand old age of 4.

Name: Zinnia Hobley

Age: 4

Photo Pose: Zinnia shows off her balancing skills

Favourite Little Kickers Activity: The big kicks! You can kick it anywhere you like.

Why do you love Little Kickers: I love the Football stamps at the end of the session.

Favourite Healthy Food - Broccoli!

What would you like to be when you are older: The Queen.

Zinnia's Mum Says:
Zinnia has loved Little Kickers, as have all my children. It offers them a great opportunity to play something together when they get home as well, they will all play Football in the garden together and practice the skills they have learnt. Originally, we had the the girls involved with a Ballet class, but they all wanted to play a sport that was more active, Little Kickers certainly provides that. Coach Dave & Nathan have been fantastic and the kids adore them.
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