Friday, 3 December 2010

2018 World Cup Bid

After the disappointing result of the FIFA World Cup 2018 bid it appears with the current voting system we will not receive the honour for quite some time. It is a great shame as I really feel it could have benefitted our country.

Every day I see the impact Football has on every day life. It is no longer just a game, it is a route to professionalism, it offers escapism, a social identity, a chance to build on confidence, and the list of positives is endless. I am sure Russia will make a success of the games, but you can't help but think a World Cup in England would have been excellent not only for the competition itself, but for us as a country.

Well…if we can’t host it, we will have to try and win it! After last years disappointing campaign, it would seem that we have got a long way to go to compete with the world's elite. Luckily for us, the FA has now agreed with something that we have been promoting for years. In the development of children and youth, as they are the future of our game.

At Little Kickers we have always said we are not trying to create mini Rooney’s, we are just trying to improve the wellbeing and future opportunities of our children, by building their confidence, instilling a sense of fair play, breaking down social and racial barriers, and most importantly giving them a platform to express and enjoy themselves!

Who knows one day, we might have a team of England players who have been through the Little Kickers programme - I would like to think so!

We should have been proud of our bid, it was excellent.
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