Thursday, 11 March 2010

Simply The Becks

David Beckham’s long awaited return to his old stomping ground finally happened last night. Old Trafford, labelled the Theatre of Dreams, proving only to be a nightmare for David Beckhams’ ageing AC Milan side. Manchester United thumped home four goals of great quality last night met with no reply from Coach’s Leonardos’ men.

David Beckham, however, stepped out to an overwhelming reception from the United faithful. Having spent most of the game on the bench, he came on to a standing ovation and chants of “Fergie, Fergie – Sign him up.” And ‘there’s only one David Beckham’, comically being followed by fans booing his every touch. You could genuinely feel the mutual respect between the player and the fans.

David Beckham has had some bad media in the past, but his undeniable efforts to be seen as a family man and a gentleman have thrust him into becoming a God like figure. Loved by women and men alike, he has created an empire through his football ability, his looks, and his personality.

Cast your mind back nearly 15 years ago and you will remember a scrawny long haired David Beckham being interviewed by many journalists, only to receive wordy, 10 minute responses, filled with clichés and not actually answering the questions they had posed! This appeared to be his only fault, and his performances on the pitch were certainly not struggling in the same way. Many people would have given up, and done their ‘talking on the pitch’. David Beckham however, worked hard to combat the problem. He took a weakness and has now turned it into strength. His continuing self improvement has not only made him a sporting hero, but also a recognized idealistic stereotype of the perfect man to many!

At Little Kickers, we want to help our children develop in the best way possible. And our feedback suggests that we have achieved this with great success. Little Kickers is not just football for kids, it aids in building a personality, will help develop important social skills, break down barriers, and offer children the chance to make the right choices, and learn from the wrong ones.

We are not expecting our kids at Little Kickers to become the face of a global brand, (if we do manage it – remember who got you there!) However, we do want to give our children the best possible chance to be successful in life. We want our kids to have the self confidence to make an educated decision and act upon it. By delivering a fun and exciting session, in combination with teaching basic educatory concepts our children learn values and are given confidence to express themselves.

Will your Little Kicker be the next David Beckham!? What does it matter as long as they are having fun learning the basics of the beautiful game – there’s years of pressure and hard work ahead for them – let’s let our kids enjoy playing like kids without piling adult pressure and expectations onto them!


  1. My little one will be the next David Beckham! If not in footballing standard then by looks...! He gets the looks from my side though (Dont tell his Father!)

    You are right, some people force their children into Football, its a joy to come to Little Kickers as they want to be there...and so do we!

    How long has this been here? Its very hidden.

  2. Hi Sofia,

    It has only very recently been added, we will move the 'blog' button to a more obvious position in due course!

    Very glad your little one is enjoying our classes.


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