Tuesday, 30 March 2010

"It was different in my day..."

It’s raining outside, I have created lunch out of the remaining items in the fridge, Chelsea have won again, the television is on – but the controller is just too far away to reach, its going to be one of those days!

As I lift my head over the pathetic excuse of a lunch I slowly tune into the television, admittedly not out of choice but today’s a lazy day, and there is no way anyone is making me get up for that remote control! As my eyes focus upon the screen I keep my fingers crossed for Jeremy Kyle or Holiday Horrors – something to make me feel better about myself! Unfortunately for all my wanting and wishing, up pops on screen the silver fox that is Alistair Darling with the briefcase, about to deliver the budget for 2010.

Now for those of you that don’t know me, I am 22, but still consider myself to be around 15, as I am sure most of you do as well. However, the realisation came, that the “Budget” which I thought would never affect a guy of my limited years, actually does! I’m old. Now I know I my inbox will probably be full of hate mail by this time next week at the mention of me being old at 22. I can only apologize.

Where did it all go? I remember being able to entertain myself with a pencil, or an empty bottle. The things I could make out of an empty milk carton…the world was my playground. Now, I am complaining that buses are late, having to pay such high taxes, moaning about the ‘rubbish’ on TV, and “music was always better in my day!”

There is some point to my ramblings, apart from sheer jealousy of those that still hold their youth, and for those that can still use their age as an excuse for mischievousness. My point is, and it is simple, we need our kids to stay young for as long as possible. As much as you may joke that they’re going to be thrown out of the house by the time they are 18, you’ll miss them. So many aspects of life today force kids to grow up so quickly – the world is a competitive, fast-paced place and schools and many extra curricular classes reflect this.

I look back with fondness of my upbringing; I was lucky enough to play football, a game I loved and still do to this day. It taught me an awful lot. The art of winning and losing, working within a team, celebrating in style, problem solving, communication, socialising skills, understanding and accepting different cultures. So many values that I picked up.

We, at Little Kickers, understand the importance of all these attributes, and we try to incorporate the teaching of them within our sessions. If you can cast your minds back to when you were young (I’ll pause for a moment for some of the older guys!)… you will notice that you learnt so much more when you were having fun. Children learn best when their imaginations are fired up and they are playing games – by ensuring they have fun whilst at our classes we can feel confident that their enthusiasm for sport will continue. By teaching our toddlers and pre-school kids football, we are also setting them up for life with key skills, and allowing them to enjoy some fun-filled childhood moments before, all too soon, the pressures of the world start to impinge on them.

Long may it continue.

Can I also take this opportunity to say congratulations to Andy Japp, our coach of the month winner. He has been a fantastic asset to Little Kickers, and is a deserved winner. For more information about Andy, and other winners of the “Coach of the Month” awards, please visit http://www.littlekickers.co.uk/recruitment.aspx

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